Certegy Ezi-Pay App

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Can I apply for another Ezi-Pay Payment Plan via the App?

The Certegy Ezi-Pay App is an easy way for you to manage your repayments, but you can't make a purchase. To apply for a new Payment Plan, visit your chosen Certegy Ezi-Pay retailer or search for a retailer.

Can I change a repayment date?

Yes you can. Go to "Next Repayment" on the Quick Links menu page and follow the prompts.

What should I do if I lose my mobile device?

To make sure that no one else can access your account, you should contact Customer Services on 1800 088 151 and ask for your User ID and Password to be reset.

If I have multiple Ezi-Pay Payment Plans, can I track all of them at once?

Yes, the App will provide you with an "Account" view, offering a summary of all current Payment Plans. You can also select individual Payment Plans to view details relating to a specific purchase.

Can I cancel my Certegy Ezi-Pay account via the App?

No, to cancel your account you will need to contact our Customer Service team on 1800 088 151 to discuss your cancellation options.

How do I know what my available credit limit is?

As you make your repayments, your available credit limit will become visible on the Quick Links menu. If you have no available credit available you can refer to the available credit table for details of how much will become available and when. Simply select GO on the Quick Links menu.

Can I delete the Certegy App without it impacting my Certegy Ezi-Pay account?

Yes, the App operates separately to your account so if you decide you no longer need access to the App then you can delete it, without it affecting your account.